Tools | Women

Discussing sexual issues can be difficult, and in a highly sexualized culture many fall prey to sexual sin including porn use. Whether this describes you or someone you love, there is hope.

If you struggle with porn, you’re not alone. About 25% of Christian women are regular users of porn. Many also struggle with erotica, fantasy, emotional affairs, and more. Because porn and masturbation have typically been viewed as male issues, it can be difficult for women to find helpful, honest information to guide them. Check out our resources.

If you love someone who struggles, perhaps a husband, a boyfriend, a child, or a friend, you are in a tender place with God who longs to redeem sin and set captives free. Ask Him how He might use you in what could be a rescue mission for your loved one’s heart. He will show you the next step as you walk in faith. These resources can educate you and encourage you. We pray they will also guide you into more authentic conversations, led by the Holy Spirit, to create deeper intimacy and trust in your closest relationships.