SoulMate: Walking with Jesus on (un)Holy Ground (Pilot Study for Women)

SoulMate is a resource for women that will not only equip us to come alongside those we love in this highly sexualized culture, but will draw us into deeper intimacy with our true soul mate, Jesus.  Today’s culture may feel very unholy at times, but when God meets us there, and promises to lead us, it becomes holy ground.

Most women strive to be the protectors of their homes and families, while husbands often focus on the role of provider. We fill many other roles as well, and it can be daunting to know that our loved ones will be tempted by the sexual things of this world. We want to shield and protect them, but deep down, we know we can’t. TrueNorth believes that as women become solidly grounded in our identity in Christ, and learn more about how our minds and bodies are wired for sex, we will be better equipped to come to Jesus with our own sexual integrity issues as well as walk with those we love and care for.

Our highly sexualized culture is drawing many away from the abundant life and freedom found in Christ. Sadly, sexual immorality and porn use are as common among believers as with the general population. Most ministries are not equipped to help individuals and families navigate the challenges, leaving them vulnerable to devastating effects. Many, both women and men, feel hopeless and isolated, and struggle in silence. Through SoulMate, we are beginning to have needed conversations and lead many to true freedom in Christ!

SoulMate covers the following topics over a twelve-week study. It will eventually become a book with a study guide.

  • Anne’s Story: How our founder discovered deeper intimacy in her marriage after she and her husband walked through a season of restoration once his porn use was brought into the light.
  • God’s Design for Sex: Counterfeits are everywhere, but the way God designed our minds and our bodies for sex is truly beautiful! Chemicals in our brains can create good neural pathways or destructive pathways, leading to addiction. Individuals and parents need to understand what’s at stake.
  • Unholy Ground: The culture and how quickly we have moved from a fairly pristine environment to a very toxic environment.
  • Soul Wounds and Soul Wanderings: Our wounds and our sin are two of the most powerful tools our enemy uses to try and create distance between us and God. Learn how to counteract lies with the truth.
  • A Pursued, Justified and Redeemed Soul: What God has to say about our wounds and our wanderings.
  • The Sanctified Soul: How we are sanctified (set apart) and how we are becoming sanctified, learning about spiritual growth and how we can join God in this process of change.
  • High Calling of Wife in this Culture Part One: It is a high calling to be a wife, and as our husband’s helpmate we can play a huge role in becoming a safe place for him to admit his struggles and have our marriages grow stronger in the process.
  • High Calling of Wife in the Culture Part Two: With the Holy Spirit to guide us, equipping wives for important conversations.
  • High Calling of Mom in this Culture Part One: Parenting in this culture comes with great challenges. Learn how to create the atmosphere for honest dialogue about sex from the earliest ages, that will lead to better conversations later as the culture plays a greater role in your child’s life.
  • High Calling of Mom in this Culture Part Two: Going way beyond filters for your computers, how to establish good rules and boundaries as well as become better aware of all your kids are facing as they grow up.
  • Single Soul and Sexual Integrity for All: Understanding the challenges of being single in this culture including how to talk with a potential mate about sexual integrity, the importance of relationship between marrieds and singles, and compassionately talking about some specific but often avoided sexual integrity issues that all women face.
  • Next Steps: Taking what we’ve learned and understanding how it can affect the larger body of Christ as well as our communities.

For more information contact Anne Kerr at or 404-310-4704.