Project Description

Unashamed: Candid Conversations about Dating, Love, Nakedness and Faith

Tracy Levinson

Come take a fresh look at dating for a new generation of young women. This conversation will encourage you as Tracy Levinson shares grace infused insight, wisdom, laughter and liberating truth. unashamed – candid conversations about dating, love, nakedness and faith is for young women, and people in their lives who adore them. This list includes moms, dads, brothers, grandparents, boyfriends, and church leaders. Tracy Levinson candidly explores pivotal questions asked by this millennial generation.

Here are a few topics you will encounter in this book:

Q: I have already been involved sexually, so how do I have a redo?
Q: What are the things that bug you about dating in the Christian culture??
Q: What is guarding my heart and does it even pertain to dating?

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