We are created for relationship, for intimate relationships, for drawing near. If you’ve ever cuddled a hurting child, or listened to his tearful story, or even exchanged a knowing glance with a close friend, you’ve experienced the amazing power of drawing near in relationship. Children today need nearness.

Children need a place to be real, to share emotions and experiences, to experience the warmth of a hug from a loving parent or grandparent. They need physical touch and emotional connection. And in a sexualized culture, they need all of this more than ever.

A strong emotional connection between you and your children will make them feel safe and secure. And safety and security are essential for children to learn about one of the most tender of topics, their own sexuality.

Enjoy this free gift to help you become that safe person for your child. As Draw Near downloads, we’d like to invite you to share in the work of TrueNorth through your giving. You’ll see a way to do that also. Thank you!

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