Welcome, Olivia. It’s a broken world, but you are so loved.

Jeff Shaw, Director of Out of Darkness (a ministry of the Atlanta Dream Center), is our guest blogger. Jeff wrote this a few weeks ago and has since stepped into the amazing role of “Dad.” In honor of Father’s Day coming soon, we asked him to share some thoughts about raising sweet Oliva in the current culture. 

In 2011, the Lord called me to start a ministry offering 24-hour help to individuals wanting out of the sex industry. To date, Out of Darkness has worked with over 1,000 victims. For six […]

Protecting Young Hearts in a Broken World

In our last post we discussed creating an atmosphere in your home where it’s okay to talk about anything. It’s your job as a parent to normalize conversations with your children about bodies, sex, and porn. You won’t do it perfectly, but you can do it and God will provide. (See Nurturing Young Hearts in a Broken World.)

This week we are going to get more practical, and right off the bat I want to challenge you to be a strong parent with deep convictions, deep love, and abounding grace and compassion. Protecting well will mean:


Nurturing Young Hearts in a Broken World

I’m the third of nine children, and my entire life I dreamed of being a mother. My mom kept bringing babies home for me to play with, dress, feed, and love…. living, breathing baby dolls. Mothering is in my blood.

When I finally received the news that I was pregnant it was via a phone call. This was before home pregnancy tests, so a couple of days after my doctor visit a stranger delivered the words I’d waited my whole life to hear: “You’re pregnant.” My reaction? I didn’t scream, dance, or start planning the Reveal Party; I cried. My eyes […]

Why I Have Hope for the Porn Problem

Recently a friend forwarded a Fox News article that asserted five ways that porn was good for us.¹ It was directed to women. I guess they figured most men didn’t need convincing to head over to their favorite porn site. Statistically, a lot of men use porn, but a growing number of women also fall prey to it. In 2016 one porn site alone logged 4.6 billion hours of porn watched—that’s over five thousand centuries.² Sounds pretty hopeless, but it’s not, because we were created for something much greater. I’d […]

“My Teen Uses Porn”: Ten Ways to Come Alongside Your Teen (Part II)

If you missed Part One of this important message, please read it first (link). I shared the first five points including the need for prayer and possibly an apology, and what that might look like. I explained how important it is to identify with your child’s struggle in some way. We’ve all seen porn, and we all know what shame feels like. It’s important also to continually affirm your child’s worth, no matter what they may do, and to connect deeply in a variety of ways to nurture his or her heart. Once you’ve worked to create […]

“My Teen Uses Porn”: Ten Ways to Come Alongside Your Teen (Part I)

How can it be that the baby you nurtured and protected, the one you would literally give your life for, has a struggle with porn? You anticipated acne, a bad attitude, and late nights, but not porn. Just yesterday she was jumping rope and he was building with Legos. Most teens who are addicted to porn haven’t even had their first kiss, yet feel trapped in an endless, virtual world of sex. It’s like a deep, dark hole that keeps sucking them further in.

If you are aware of your child’s struggle, consider it a blessing that it’s no longer in […]

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