What Would Jesus Say About the Porn You Saw as a Child?

Seeing porn or experiencing something of a sexual nature during childhood is a given for all of us, and your children aren’t exempt. Because we are sexual beings, seeing a sexual image or experiencing something sexual is significant in a child’s life and the brain stores memory of it.

I can still remember things from my childhood related to sexuality that have remained with me for decades, even though I have forgotten many other things I experienced around the same time.

What is your earliest memory of something sexual? At the time you probably didn’t have a word or a category for […]

By |February 28th, 2019|

Letting Go of Shame

After one of my Allies talks, a man shared with me that he grew up with porn sitting out in his home. It had been a struggle for a long season. Now he’s a dad walking free from the bondage to porn, but not from the bondage of shame.

Shame is a wretched foe that can keep us from living authentically. It can stymie our spiritual growth. It can keep us from intimacy in relationships. Shame can also impact our ability to lead our kids toward a God-honoring view of sexuality.

Shame. The great inhibitor. A silencer. A foe. Even little ones can […]

By |February 15th, 2019|

Where Will Your Kids Turn?

Of the many things I experienced during my fifth-grade year, one event stands out. I was at a sleepover with girls from the neighborhood. It was late and the house was quiet as my friend stealthily led us into her kitchen. Our minds raced with curiosity as she retrieved a manila envelope from on top of the refrigerator. To my surprise, it held an image of a man and woman having sex. I’d never seen anything like it, and in an instant, something happened that was outside of my control. The pornographic image imprinted on my brain, and it would […]

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The Super Bowl, Trafficking, and What’s Missing From the Conversation

This weekend Atlanta will host one of the world’s largest sporting events, the Super Bowl. Anti-trafficking groups are already on the ground identifying victims of sex trafficking and leading them to the freedom and resources they desperately need. Law enforcement personnel are working hard also.

Rescues will be made. Arrests will happen. We all want to see justice served for something as heinous as sexual exploitation. We want the perpetrators stopped. We want sex trafficking to end.

Though rescues and arrests are important, sex trafficking is a multi-layered problem that won’t be solved by rescues and arrests alone. Pimps will recruit more […]

By |February 1st, 2019|

New Year, New Perspectives

New Year’s resolutions. Do you love them? Hate them? Wish you could be better at keeping them? For me, simply resolving to do or not do certain things doesn’t typically work. Even setting goals (including SMART ones) can only go so far in taking me to the next level. But I have found something quite powerful to help me grow and change, and that’s gaining new perspectives.

Perspective changes everything.

Growing up I adopted a very judgmental view of women in prostitution. Then I got to know some of them. Their stories broke me. I realized that given a different set of […]

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Why TrueNorth is Narrowing Its Focus to Parents (And Why That Matters to the Rest of Us)

Five years ago I said goodbye to my anti-trafficking coworkers who’d become family to me. God knit our hearts together over rescues, hotline calls, and trainings filled with worship and tears. Now I run a nonprofit dedicated to sharing the good news of our sexuality and helping parents pass that on to the next generation of image-bearers of God. God has faithfully shown me every step and continues to today. 

TrueNorth is entering a new year of ministry with greater clarity and even greater resolve. Initially, our underlying mission was to end sex trafficking by going upstream and dealing with […]

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