Why Become Your Child’s Ally | Ally Series Part 2

It’s not easy to grow up. As much as we may idealize childhood, in many ways childhood is something you just have to get through. Even the best families turn out adults broken and bruised by the world. God allows our trials, pain, and struggles to call us into a deeper relationship with Him. But throughout the childhood years, kids face a variety of foes, especially in a sexualized culture. They need an ally.

Because our sexuality is sacred, reflecting aspects of God’s relational and loving nature, it is a prime target for the enemy. Satan delights in casting doubt over what […]

Becoming Your Child’s Ally in a Sexualized Culture | Part 1

Porn finds kids. It found me at a sleepover when I was ten. My friend’s parents thought their porn images would be safe on top of the refrigerator in a manila envelope, but they were sorely wrong. Today porn finds young children at an alarming rate and often with dire consequences. Most parents naïvely think their children would never look at porn. We prepare our kids for many things, but do we prepare our children for the moment porn will find them?

Porn is simply counterfeit sex that preys on the natural, God-given response mechanisms in our brains. Because sexuality is […]

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The Wise Santa’s Guide to Gifting a Phone or Tablet

Someone wishing for a phone or tablet? Santa’s got a few questions first.

A friend told me she wasn’t so sure she’d be giving her middle-schooler a phone with internet just yet. She didn’t think he was ready to have the world at his fingertips. Within a generation, we have progressed from World Book off of the library shelf to having the world in our pockets: the good, the bad, the ugly…. and the dangerous.

This holiday season a new generation of kids and teens will be ushered into the virtual world through their own personal phone or tablet. Like Alice and […]

Don’t Just Delete Your Porn History, Make It History

For most of us, something sexual like porn came into our lives unexpectedly and before we knew it, we were changed by it. For many, porn use has become a compulsive or addictive struggle. Though we can quickly delete porn history from a device, it’s impossible to erase its effects on a life.

God created us as sexual beings who are naturally impacted by sexual things. Porn, sexual abuse, sexual touch, and even lingerie ads can be arousing to children and adults. These encounters change us.

Statistics on the average age of first exposure to porn are varied. Many professionals say most children […]

Those Uncomfortable Talks: Moving Past the Pause

Talking about sexual things can be uncomfortable. I know. As a child, I looked at the porn I found, yet couldn’t tell anyone. In college, I fit the description of a “good” Christian yet crossed many boundaries sexually. My closest friends had no idea, and I carried a lot of shame. As my own kids grew, we had a few talks about sex. It wasn’t always easy, and it wasn’t enough.

Most parents I speak with aren’t comfortable talking about sex and sexuality with loved ones. They pause and put it off, and in the silence, the sexualized culture rushes in. Avoiding such […]

Building a Godly Foundation in a Broken World

Beau Brezina is a counselor with Christian Families Today. He and his wife, Patti, are teaching their children foundational truths to guide them in a sexualized culture. In honor of Father’s Day, we’ve asked Beau to share some of what they’re teaching in these important years.

In the early 1990’s, Atlanta, Georgia was in a frenzy. The city was hosting the 1996 Summer Olympics, and a good host city had to be prepared. Stadiums were built. Roads were paved. Housing was constructed. Unfortunately, some dorms were built with faulty foundations. I can only imagine how difficult […]

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