Persevering in Prayer | Ally Series Part 8

It’s one thing to send an army to distant shores to protect our homeland. It’s another thing to see the enemy on our shores, advancing down our streets. In today’s sexualized culture, protecting kids goes hand in hand with equipping them to face the enemy.

The assault on sexuality today is worse than you think. The level of depravity found in today’s porn is unfathomable. We’re way past the point of being able to trust filters alone to protect our loved ones, but the good news is we have a mighty God on our side.

We’re about two-thirds of the way through […]

Allies Direct Their Kids | Ally Series Part 7

When I was younger, getting from point A to point B wasn’t as easy as asking Siri. I never heard “rerouting” when I made a wrong turn. My navigational system consisted of tiny markings on a large piece of paper. Because my parents didn’t want me to end up in Timbuktu, they taught and modeled how to get directions off of a map.

In a sexualized culture, kids need information to prepare and equip them. They need to learn godly sexuality rather than worldly sexuality. They need direction, and parents are the best ones to guide them.

Last week we shared how […]

Allies Connect with Their Kids | Ally Series Part 6

Some of us never got “the talk” about sex and were left to figure it out on our own. Others of us got “the talk” but little else, leaving us embarrassed and with a lot of unspoken questions. Usually by the time “the talk” is delivered, a great deal of shame and confusion about sex has already entered a child’s life through the giggles of friends, risqué images, or porn. Silence over sexuality can be very confusing and leave a child ill-equipped to face the challenges in our culture.

It’s not hard to become an ally to your kids but understand […]

Soul-Searching and Healing Grace | Ally Series Part 5

Becoming an ally to your child in a sexualized culture will require a little soul-searching. Last week we looked at some common obstacles we will face on this journey. We all have wounds; we’ve all made mistakes; none of us feels totally equipped for this important role. We can avoid conversations with our loved ones out of fear or shame. Perhaps God has shown you some specific things that are keeping you trapped, unable to live authentically with those you love. To move forward, Jesus is asking you to go a little deeper with Him to find His healing grace.

Our […]

Obstacles | Ally Series Part 4

Becoming an ally to your children in our sexualized culture is one of the most important endeavors you’ll undertake. In fact, I would rank it right up there with ensuring they have the best education possible, teaching them respect for every person, and introducing them to Jesus. No pressure!

An ally is like a coach in your child’s corner. You can’t protect your kids from everything they’ll face in the ring. There will be some hard knocks, and they’ll land face down on the mat at times, but what will they do next? Retreat in shame or fear, or turn to […]

Is Culture That Bad? | Ally Series Part 3

We live in a culture that in many ways is amazingly good and at the same time can be terribly destructive. I believe that most of us would agree our culture has grown increasingly sexual. Advances in technology continue to bring more opportunities for sexual encounters and experiences that could quickly derail any one of us, especially children. Parents wanting to become an ally to a child in this culture may not be aware of many of the dangers. They may ask “Is culture that bad?” But there’s a better question, and I can’t answer it for you. It’s this: […]

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