“You Are My Sunshine” and Other Things I’ve Learned About God’s Love for Us

TrueNorth’s merger with Be Broken Ministries is in its final stages! We couldn’t be happier for what that means for you, our dear followers, and also for us. I’d like to look back just a little and then look forward with you.

I never thought of starting a nonprofit or even going back to work after becoming an empty-nester. But when that season arrived, I began volunteering and working in anti-trafficking in Atlanta, and my eyes were opened to so much brokenness related to sexuality. I saw a need to help the Christian Church become a safe place for […]

By |October 20th, 2020|

Porn Found My Child | A Hope-Filled, Practical Response for Parents

We are in unprecedented times. We’re all, parents and kids alike, facing new challenges. I’ve been struggling in many areas over the past few months. I’ve failed at times. Some days are better than others. And I’ve been praying for you all, especially those of you with little ones and big ones who are struggling too.

I knew that porn use would increase during this time of isolation. I knew many kids would discover porn or turn to it as a numbing agent. I knew the temptation to use porn would be quite powerful, even for some parents.

A couple […]

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Helping Your Kids Become “Emotional Natives” | Resources for Parents

How’s life at your house? Everyone getting along royally? Or are emotions flying? I can only imagine how difficult quarantining would have been with our family years ago. While I’m sure you’re finding moments to cherish and reasons to be thankful, I’m also sure there are times when you just wish you could go back to February 2020.

Last time we shared about the need to help your children grow in their ability to acknowledge, feel, express, and manage their emotions. (Here’s a link.) Raising “emotional natives” is a long process and takes lots […]

By |May 15th, 2020|

Helping Your Kids Become “Emotional Natives” | Why It Matters

Most kids today understand the digital world much better than their parents because they’ve grown up surrounded by it. They’re “digital natives.” My young granddaughter rarely gets to hold an iPhone, but when she does, one of two things happens. She either presses the home button (which prompts a confused Siri) or she swipes across the screen. She’s barely one.

While today’s kids may be advanced digitally, they still need parental guidance to grow emotionally. Why does emotional maturity matter? Because emotions are an integral and important aspect of being human. Emotions are indicators of what lies beneath the […]

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Becoming Empathetic | Talks with My Younger Self

In a broken world, it’s inevitable that tender hearts will be wounded. Wounding can come through insensitive or sinful actions of others, as a result of our own choices, or through disappointment or suffering that are common in a fallen world. God allows wounding for reasons we may never know.

Children especially are very vulnerable when they are wounded emotionally or physically. They’re often not allowed to express their emotions. They can easily be silenced by well-meaning parents, shame, fear, threats, perceived outcomes, or any number of things. We’ve all experienced this. Often parents aren’t even aware of their […]

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Finding Beauty in Brokenness | A Good Friday Meditation

She was a little timid about meeting with me. She said her story would be hard to hear, and she gave me the option of declining. I did not know what her story would include, but I sensed there was still a lot of shame in her heart over it.

The morning we were to meet I asked God to provide exactly what was needed, expecting that my prayer would be answered during our meeting. Instead, He immediately brought to my mind an image of Jesus on the cross. He gave me a picture of true brokenness and showed […]

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