Sam Allen of the Band Son Ship: Vulnerability that Leads to Connection

When Sam Allen of Son Ship began writing and singing about recovery from his porn addiction, he knew the songs would resonate with many who had the same struggle. What he didn’t realize is how his vulnerability and courage would be connection points with others whose struggles were quite different. Turns out brokenness can take many forms but the journey toward recovery is a well-worn path with many common intersections.

Son Ship is shining light into some of the darkest places using music, words, and surrendered hearts.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sam recently. This unique band […]

Be an Ally to Your Kids | Ally Series Part 15

As an adult looking back on the images, experiences, and encounters that shaped your sexuality, does it seem like something was missing? As you became more aware of your sexuality, were you left to figure it out on your own? Did the lack of God-honoring information and the abundance of misinformation leave you vulnerable, without anyone to turn to? The majority of parents I speak with would say yes, yes, and yes.

Mo Isom recently released a book with an interesting title: Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot. Honest conversations about sex and sexuality […]

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The Best Summer Reading For Your Teen | Ally Series Part 14

Today’s teens live in a hyper-sexualized world that most parents can’t fully comprehend. Even for teens who don’t watch porn or aren’t having sex, the air around them is super-charged with sexual imagery, drama, and messaging that falls far outside of God-honoring sexuality. Many teens today are internalizing a destructive, toxic view of sexuality and most parents are oblivious.

If you could see the airwaves streaming over Netflix, cable television, internet routers, and free wi-fi, I believe you’d be shocked at the amount of sex, sexual situations, and various forms of sexual ideology they contain. Add to that all that is […]

Teaching Biblical Sexuality to Kids | Book Review | Ally Series Part 13

If you’re a mom or a dad, have you ever considered how much information you’ll share with your kids over the eighteen or so years you have to parent them? Of the thousands of things you’ll teach them and model for them, a healthy view of sexuality is by far one of the most important. It’s both your privilege and your responsibility, but often parents struggle with knowing how or when to approach topics related to bodies, porn, and sex. For Christians, it can be challenging as our children are regularly exposed to various aspects of sexuality that do not […]

God Made All of Me: A Book to Help Children Protect Their Bodies | Book Review | Ally Series Part 12

Becoming an ally to your child in a sexualized culture is one of the most important jobs you have as a parent, and it’s not that difficult. Through our Ally Series we’ve shared some of our best information to equip you. Today and over the next few weeks we’ll introduce you to some of our favorite resources to help you.

I can gravitate toward “paralysis by analysis,” that is, overthinking or doubting my preparedness. If this is how you lean, recognize that while preparedness is good, the reality is that today’s children are already immersed in a culture that is quite […]

Sexuality – Powerful for Both Good and Evil | Ally Series Part 11

Sexuality is powerful. In profound ways it connects the eyes, heart, mind, will, and emotions of a person. Stewarding our sexuality well is a life-long endeavor which actually begins in childhood. We live in a very sexualized culture, yet sexuality is generally a taboo topic, especially in the Christian church. We need to normalize conversations about it in order to become the ally our kids need.

In our last post we shared about the sacredness of sexuality. Now let’s turn our attention to sexuality’s power for both good and evil. This topic might be one of the most important we cover in the Ally Series, […]

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