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Becoming Empathetic | Talks with My Younger Self

In a broken world, it’s inevitable that tender hearts will be wounded. Wounding can come through insensitive or sinful actions of others, as a result of our own choices, or through disappointment or suffering that are common in a fallen world. God allows wounding for reasons we may […]

Healing Words for Wounded Hearts

Words can be powerful for both good and evil whether we are 9 or 99.

When I was about 12 years old, I was walking home from the pool with a friend who was acting like anything but a friend. She began teasing me about my body, and even […]

Rainbow Cookies, Read Alouds, and the Times that Shape Us

Our times shape us. Sometimes the stories of others who’ve endured hard times shape us too.

During the Holocaust, Corrie ten Boom and her family courageously hid Jews in their home and eventually became prisoners of war, several of them dying in concentration camps. Corrie survived and went on […]

Halftime Shows, Children, and Teachable Moments

We live in interesting times. While #MeToo has united women across the world under the banner of sexual abuse or inappropriate sexual encounters, many female entertainers still believe it’s empowering to sexualize themselves. The halftime show for Super Bowl LIV was far from empowering to women and sent […]

Sexuality: An Integral Part of Being Human

I’m on a journey with God along a road that is not well traveled. While I’ve found other organizations with a mission similar to TrueNorth’s, I often feel like a pioneer plotting a path for current and future generations of Christians. I pray that through our work you’ll […]

Prayers for the New Sexual Revolution

When I was a young girl, the sexual revolution in America was in full swing. Playboy magazine was launched in the early 1950s, and within a couple of decades, it ushered Americans (and in many ways the world) into new and skewed ways of thinking about sexuality that continue […]

Children, Sexuality, and Your Role

Children come into the world as sexual beings, but they have no concept of what it means to be a sexual being. Obviously a toddler or a child isn’t physically or emotionally mature enough for sex, but kids are born with sexual body parts and can experience sexual […]

Sexuality and God’s Covenantal Love

A few years ago, God led me to step away from anti-trafficking work and focus on issues related to sexuality and the Christian Church. At the time, porn use was the main culprit I saw, and I was well aware of how destructive it could be for men, […]

What Kind of Man or Woman are You Raising?

I can still see those big brown eyes. “Anna”* called me a few years ago on New Year’s Eve as I was about to leave Out of Darkness (a rescue organization for women in prostitution) to start TrueNorth. I was surprised to see her name on my phone because she’d […]

What Would Jesus Say About the Porn You Saw as a Child?

Seeing porn or experiencing something of a sexual nature during childhood is a given for all of us, and your children aren’t exempt. Because we are sexual beings, seeing a sexual image or experiencing something sexual is significant in a child’s life and the brain stores memory of it.

I can […]

Letting Go of Shame

After one of my Allies talks, a man shared with me that he grew up with porn sitting out in his home. It had been a struggle for a long season. Now he’s a dad walking free from the bondage to porn, but not from the bondage of shame.

Shame is a […]

Where Will Your Kids Turn?

Of the many things I experienced during my fifth-grade year, one event stands out. I was at a sleepover with girls from the neighborhood. It was late and the house was quiet as my friend stealthily led us into her kitchen. Our minds raced with curiosity as she retrieved a […]

New Year, New Perspectives

New Year’s resolutions. Do you love them? Hate them? Wish you could be better at keeping them? For me, simply resolving to do or not do certain things doesn’t typically work. Even setting goals (including SMART ones) can only go so far in taking me to the next level. But […]

Thankful for God’s Unchanging Design

This past year I’ve given our Allies talk to about 1,000 parents in the Atlanta area. Their questions are very telling of the times in which we live. Here are a few of them:

  • My son has a child in his class who has two mothers. How do I explain […]

Sexuality and the Future of the Church

There was a palpable sense of a holy ground moment in the room. Through tears my friend brought his story of sexual sin before some close brothers in Christ. Except for the moment he’d confessed to his wife, it was probably the most vulnerable he’d ever been. Though the group […]

Be an Ally to Your Kids | Ally Series Part 15

As an adult looking back on the images, experiences, and encounters that shaped your sexuality, does it seem like something was missing? As you became more aware of your sexuality, were you left to figure it out on your own? Did the lack of God-honoring information and the abundance of […]