Why We Exist

Sexuality is one of the most common aspects of our being, yet one of the hardest to discuss. It is sacred, purposeful, and powerful. An individual’s sexuality is shaped from infancy on, but who or what is shaping it? How can we find healing for sexual wounds or hope for common struggles? How should parents lead their children in the current culture? These are some of the questions many Christians are asking, and TrueNorth is working to answer them. 

Our Work

We’re leading singles, couples, parents, and ministry leaders toward a God-honoring understanding of sexuality. Under “Tools” you’ll find the latest and best resources for various needs and audiences. Our blog is filled with inspiration and information to help you engage more authentically with those you love. Through speaking engagements, we share truth on biblical sexuality as well as practical ways to foster authentic relationships and spiritual growth. Our talks are perfect for churches or small groups, couples, and parents of toddlers through teens. TrueNorth also hosts events featuring experts in the field of sexual wholeness. Sign up for our newsletter to receive our blog and updates on our events.

Our Mission

TrueNorth promotes sexual honesty and integrity that leads to authentic relationships and spiritual growth. A compass points to magnetic north, which shifts based on the magnetic pull of fluid iron in the earth. True north can only be found by making calculated adjustments based on where in the world you are. It’s a great analogy for what is happening in regard to sexuality today. Culture is pulling us in one direction, while God is asking us to trust Him to lead us in the right direction.

Anne Kerr, Founder & CEO

Anne’s Story

Anne began working in the anti-trafficking movement in Atlanta, Georgia in 2010. Through that work, TrueNorth was birthed as a way to end demand for sex trafficking by going upstream and dealing with a root cause: sexual brokenness including porn use. Anne and her husband, Greg, have found healing and restoration in their marriage after Greg revealed his own struggle with porn use and how God had set him free from bondage to it. God is using their story to open up needed dialogue in families and churches today. Anne speaks to church groups, parents, and ministry leaders bringing hope, inspiration, and practical ways to walk more authentically with those we love in a sexualized culture. Anne’s talk, Allies: Parents and Kids Navigating a Sexualized Culture, is perfect for parents of toddlers through teens.

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