A Mind Renewed

Revealing my addiction to pornography was the start of my journey, and repentance was the next step. I didn’t realize it at the time, but as I confessed to God and repented of my sin, there was a change happening to me. Or maybe I should say happening inside of me. Having spent years directing many of my thoughts, and much of my time and energy toward porn, now there were new thoughts—thoughts that did not conform to the same pattern of the earlier part of my life. I was being made new again. I was being refreshed. I was […]

The Heart, Eyes, and Feet of Repentance

In my blog last week, I wrote about the confession of my addiction to pornography. The revelation, or confession, of my sin to God was the key to the gate of freedom. But I don’t think the gate really swung open for me until I began to repent. Revealing the ways that I sinned against God was the start. It put my heart in a posture of honesty. Repentance was the next step. It put my heart in a posture of humility. In its simplest terms, repentance is turning away from sin and turning back to God. But God taught […]

Revealing the Heart

There’s no socially acceptable way to say this: I struggled with pornography for decades, and it became an addiction 10 years ago. The pull was merciless. I was desperate to find a way to be free of the sin that bound me and pulled me deeper into darkness. I wanted help, but I was ashamed of my sin. I needed a way of escape, but I didn’t want to reveal my addiction for the world to see. I prayed for God to take away the desire to look at porn. I tried as hard as I could to avoid it. […]

Grace for the Secret Sins: Trusting the Keeper of Your Heart with the Hard Things

Several years ago my husband came to me with a difficult and shameful confession. He had been a user of porn.

Greg and I were not only husband and wife but also best friends for 28 years. He coached me as I gave birth to three children. He worked hard so I could stay at home with the kids and never complained about the things we could not afford. He was the first person I would run to for perspective when the world crashed around me. He filled my love tank over and over again. We shared everything, I thought. But through all […]

A Living Hope

“The one thing I didn’t have when I was addicted to pornography was hope.”

My husband recently spoke these words to a group of supporters of TrueNorth. God set Greg free from his bondage to pornography in a powerful way in the fall of 2013. I learned of his addiction a few months after God rescued him from it, and his journey toward restoration and wholeness became our journey of transparency, healing, and hope.

Casual porn use can escalate into repeated porn use, affairs, purchasing sex, and abuse. Addiction is multi-layered and different for everyone. Porn addicts are not on a quest […]

Give the Gift of Deeper Connection

Are you truly connected to your mate, or are you a victim of creeping separateness?

Years ago when my husband and I were in the spring of our love we read A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken. Within its pages Greg and I found a love story that mirrored ours in many ways.

Connection for us then was as natural as the perennial crepe myrtles that lined the streets of Georgia Tech where we strolled hand in hand. It was effortless. We longed to be together and used any excuse to talk. When Greg studied in Paris during our senior year the days between […]

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