Why We Exist

In a sexualized culture, we could all use a little navigational help. God’s design for sex is beautiful, but culture is promoting counterfeits. Christians are not immune to the pull of pornography, sexual addiction, and other struggles related to our sexuality. God wants to turn our brokenness into a beautiful story of restoration for ourselves and future generations.

Our Work

TrueNorth is developing and promoting materials to guide Christians in this culture, equip parents to lead their families, and provide resources for those desiring freedom from sexual sin. Because pornography and related issues are contributing to divorce, fueling demand for sex trafficking, and perpetuating childhood sexual abuse, we are working to equip ministries to become safe places for the sexually broken. As the culture in the Church shifts, many will find restoration, healing, and freedom.

We are creating materials with the right balance of science (the brain’s response to sexual encounters) and scripture (God’s design for sex and how He restores brokenness) to guide individuals, families, and ministry leaders. The harvest is plentiful, and we are dedicated to helping others discover the path to true freedom.

Our Mission

TrueNorth helps individuals, families, and ministries navigate our sex-saturated culture by equipping them with truth, supporting them with resources, and cultivating honest conversationsA compass points to magnetic north, which shifts based on the magnetic pull of the fluid iron in the earth. True north can only be found by making calculated adjustments based on where in the world you are. It’s a great analogy to what is happening in regard to sex today. Culture is pulling us in one direction, and God is asking us to trust Him to lead us in the right direction.

Anne Kerr, Founder & CEO

Anne’s Story

Anne has worked in the anti-trafficking movement in Atlanta, Georgia, since 2010. It was through that work that the idea for TrueNorth immerged as a way to end demand for sex trafficking by going upstream and dealing with a root cause: porn. Anne and her husband, Greg, have found healing and restoration in their marriage after Greg revealed his own struggle with porn use and how God had set him free from bondage to it. They determined to face the enemy together, rather than let the enemy tear their marriage apart, and God is using their story to open up needed dialogue in families and churches today.

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