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We’re here to encourage and equip you as you journey with those you love in a sexualized culture. Through our website, blog, and speaking engagements we share biblical truth, hope-filled stories, and trusted resources. As we begin to talk more honestly about sexual issues with grace and compassion, relationships will be strengthened, families will be better prepared for the challenges of the culture, and the Church will become more effective in leading many to true freedom in Christ.

In this short video, meet our founder. We pray you’ll trust God for that next step in your journey!



“I found internet protection for all our devices, a book to start needed conversations, and a weekend workshop. I’m now in a different place, not alone. I’m learning to walk in the light with Jesus, other men, and my wife.”


“It feels good to begin normalizing the conversation about sexual integrity issues.”

“I am more sensitive to consider how sexual integrity may impact the people I engage with; I want to be a healing voice, not hurting.”

“TrueNorth is pioneering safe ways to engage with the topic of sexual brokenness. We need to hear from others who have the grace and wisdom to talk about these sometimes slippery and challenging subjects.”

A Need for Compassionate Conversation

Men Who Regularly View Porn
Men Who Think They Are Addicted to Porn
Younger Women Who Regularly View Porn
Divorces Impacted by Porn

We are all broken people living in a broken world. Porn use is a common struggle for both men and women, Christian and non-Christians alike. For many, the replayed messages of shame and condemnation ring loud and clear, while Christ’s words of hope and freedom get lost in the noise. We’re bringing truth from science and scripture, so both adults and children will be better equipped to handle the challenges of this culture. Through our work with ministry leaders, we’re helping the Church become a place for honest conversation, healing, and growth. 2 Corinthians 12:9 says God’s grace is sufficient for us, and His power is made perfect in weakness.

Let’s start the conversation.

Statistics from a study funded by Proven Men Ministries.


TrueNorth Blog 

Learn about our God-given sexual design and how He redeems our struggles within the challenges of a sexualized culture. Find grace-filled messages to lead you toward greater authenticity with God and those you love. For parents, you’ll also find truths to lead your kids toward a godly view of bodies, sex, and porn.

Let’s start the conversation! 

1603, 2018

Persevering in Prayer | Ally Series Part 8

It’s one thing to send an army to distant shores to protect our homeland. It’s another thing to see the enemy on our shores, advancing down our streets. In today’s sexualized culture, protecting kids goes hand in hand with equipping [...]

803, 2018

Allies Direct Their Kids | Ally Series Part 7

When I was younger, getting from point A to point B wasn’t as easy as asking Siri. I never heard “rerouting” when I made a wrong turn. My navigational system consisted of tiny markings on a large piece of paper. [...]

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